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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot Cider

Yesterday afternoon I did a catering job at an on site location out door oyster roast where I was the acting bartender and side line oyster shucker. We served a hot cider made with Applejack Brandy. Applejack (A favorite of George Washington's) is the American, under developed, sweeter and over proofed version of the French's Calvados. Though my preferance is Calvados, I honestly do enjoy our American product very much. Last year I used it in a fall sangria that was a really huge hit at the restaraunt. Distilled from hard cider and freeze distilled (A process called jacking, hence the origin of it's name) applejack is strong, sweet and has the smell and taste usually of apples (naturally). While we stood outside under a tent in the rain, I offered the guests wines, beers an assorment of juices and water but nothing flew out of that bar quicker than that brandy spiked cider! We ran out and had to bring in a spiced rum as a substitute and that kept flying out too. By the end of the event the pot was almost empty containing very little of what had become a hot apple brandy, Jamaicain dark and St. Lucia gold rums mixed with mulling spices and two different types of ciders. It was a hit! So if you want a suggestion for this lazy, hazy and rainy Sunday (at least here in Alexandria Virginia) may I suggest going up to the store, purchasing a jug of some apple cider and hitting the liqour store and grabbing a small bottle of Applejack and mix yourself up one to drink by the fire! Cheers!

Recipe for spiked hot cider as follows:
1 Qt. Apple Cider
Half a 750 ML bottle of Applejack (Please, do not use brandy or Calvados for this one)
Mulling spices (In a mesh tea infuser add cloves, pieces of cinnamon, and fresh nutmeg for spice)
And if you have any spiced rum lying around, help yourself to a little extra buttery kick by adding a little bit to taste.

Take ingredients and mix well in a pot or sauce pan and slowly bring to a boil, remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes and serve in a heat resistant cup or mug. Garnish with a large cinnamon stick.


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  1. Brought a batch of this stuff to my Mother's birthday dinner this evening and it was a big hit!