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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Next Drink is Around the Corner!

I had someone ask me recently when I thought of fall, what food do I think of to go with it? Well, who doesn't think of turkey's and ham's right off the back in this country? I think of the darker greens (mainly that kale!) and root veggies, the squashes and pumpkins and so forth.

Thicker, darker and hotter drinks are on my menu as well. There is one produce coming in right now that I think is universally appealing for both food and drinks and that's the home grown cranberry. Harvested in September and October, the cranberry peaks it's popularity around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. The tart, tangy, red jewel that tastes as saturated and intense as it's color would suggest creates memories in many people's houses. Primarily, the cranberry sauces and those baked cranberry breads, muffins and pies. Our chef just made an incredible dessert with a baked apple stuffed with cranberries and hazelnuts that was so universally autumn that I thought to myself, my next cocktail needs to be something of similare sorts to bring that feeling to the bar as well.

I've gone from different ideas now, bounced around some Saki based apple cocktails to pumpkin martini's and the likes, but after having that epiphany with chef's awesome apple dessert, something either dark or hot (or a combination of) in the form of cranberries and possibly hazelnuts (one of my favorite nuts in the world and have wanted to use it in a cocktail for several months now) may appear on next month's horizon.

Give me a few weeks and I'll let you know.


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