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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Scotch Society of America

I traditionally attempt to have particular drinks during particular seasons. Though all spirits, in time, place or pairing are more than welcoming all year around, I find myself attempting to follow some traditions. I usually go for red wine in most situations as it is my wife and I's preferance, however, will drink whites and rose's mostly during spring and summer months outside on patios. I almost always enjoy a dry vodka martini all year around but will switch to gin and tonics during the heat and still yet switch to Manhattan's during the fall and winter. Cool Limoncello in summer, Grand Marnier and Drambui in the winter. Cognac whenever, but Calvados I try to save for the fall. It's the things you have to wait for that are most exciting in life I believe. That is, unless, we are talking about scotch.
There will be many posts in regards to the many intracacies of scotch. Top ten lists, priciest and cheap greats, specific regions, to blend or not to blend, classics and rare finds, big house verse little house and many more. I decided however to dedicate the first scotch post to a particular breed of scotch. The VIP's in this country provided by The Scotch Society of America, an exclusive membership club where just merely to receive the quarterly catelog to purchase scotches that can range anywhere from $60 to $600 starts with a $200 (prior to shipping and handling) sign up fee, annually to renew thereafter is only $35.
The bottle alone is worth signing up for. Single malt scotches from distilleries so small and so rare (some have gone under and no longer exist) that most casks produce only about 275 bottles and are sold at cask strength with no dilution, chill-filtration or caramel coloring added. After the bottles are shipped, that's the last of it ever sold. The bottle you got, could easily be your very last. To complete this underground level or rarity, each bottle comes in a universal Scotch Society bottle with the cask number being the name of the drink. It comes with a tag line and highly in-depth description (very spot on) listing how many bottles were produced from that cask, the age, the alcohol percentage and what type of barrel it came out of.
I've got two bottles myself. Cask 64.19 is an 8 year that has such a misleading, sweet and nutty nose that is very developed for it's age, but has such an incredibly hot and woody palate more than likely thanks to it's 61.5 alcohol percentage. The 19.44 cask is much more forgiving and far more complex due to 20 years of aging and a much softer 53.4 % ALC/VOL (Though this would be very harsh on a younger whisky, it's much smoother than the percentage would lead one to believe)
Joining the society gives you specials, member's only access to the websites and invitations to private events and discounts to public events. The next public event is in the DC area and will be held on Wednesday, October 28th. They will begin registration at 6:30 pm and for those who are interested first know you will be tasting some of the best scotches you will ever know - The heafty price tag for non members is $130 a head and you may want to check the website for the deal involved but the location of this event is at J.W. Marriott Hotel1331 Pennsylvania Ave. NWWashington, DC 20004. Just know that by going to this event you may very likely never buy another big name scotch ever again, they are that satisfying and are genuinely unique and worth every purchase. I recommend to anyone who enjoys scotch to get a ticket and GO! (No athletic attire allowed and jackets are suggested)
(Interested in The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of North America? Visit there site at

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