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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Cocktail of the Month: Ginger Pearsecco

In a Shot:  Celebrating The Next Rounds on Me's first year anniversary with a new pear cocktail and showcasing a few others along the way!

(Pictured are my classic lemon drop and my habenero ginger mojito)

The Mad Melly's had an interesting response, it's funny how many people are skeptics of the flavor of cantaloupe and then there are those who are skittish around peppers, hot or not.  Those who tried the cocktail though, could not deny the interesting sweet and peppery combination of those ingredients.  I was also invited to do a cocktail for a private "Chili" dinner at the Food Matters private dining room.  I came up with a habenero ginger mojito.  Simply changing out traditional simple syrup for a spicy orange/chocolate habenero and ginger syrup.  The ending result is spicy and minty and refreshing with a healthy kick at the end.  It was a huge success and I was applauded for my creation.

My Lemon Drop recipe was recently mass produced and slightly modified at a Fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer awareness called Rock, Paper, Cocktails.  During a raffle, I was able to prepare a series of these cocktails in advance, the picture does not do justice of what we served at this event!

The time has come, however, for a new cocktail to surface with our monthly installments.  This one is particularly special to me because it is officially the first year anniversary of my online blogging and documentation of my libations.  Starting with mere tips on how to remove labels and recommendations to drink more lightly to alternative drink options.  We've evolved to tastings, home made creations, interviews, tours and educational documentaries to family photo stock piles and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger, so cheers!  The Next Rounds on Me is growing up!  Now, on to the cocktail!

This is the time of year when all the hearty vegetables and crisp, tart and citrus fruits begin to surface.  Squashes and pumpkins, apples and grapes, etc, etc.  One of my favorites, is the light and versatile pear.  It's so delicate and clean, crisp and refreshing and has just a great fall aspect to it's nature.  Well, that's because in October, it is in it's peak!  So the plan here is to make another straight forward and clean cocktail.  I love the combination of ginger and pear and I simply livened it up using a little lemon juice and a fabulous domestically made organic vodka called 360.  It's such an amazing product as far as it's value and quality but it's also a spirit that has true focus.  Check out there Eco-friendly website here!. This very light and super clean vodka has a very smooth earthy taste. Undertones of caramel, lavender and citrus also brighten up and pare (forgive the obvious pun) so well in this cocktail. Making a simple syrup using fresh, spicy ginger as well as juicing some local pears and a touch of lemon juice left a straight forward cocktail that just needed a little more character. I tried water, I tried tea, I even tried using Kombucha. I discovered that a light and fruity prosecco brightens it up and leaves us with a very refreshing ode to Autumn! Enjoy the season, get near a fire, and sip a Ginger Pearsecco while enjoying the company of those around you who love you. I know that I'm going to!



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love the blog!

  2. Thank you very much for your love and support. Cheers!