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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wasmunds Single Malt Spirit House Barreled Age Whisky

In a Shot:  Finally bottled my 5 month barrel aged single malt  and ended up with two delightful spirits!

Before I begin with the official blog, I recently attended an Outstanding in the Field dinner and got to enjoy Mint Juleps made from both the aged Wasmund Whisky product as well as their un-aged rye spirit (a cocktail only I thought that I'd be daring enough to brave) and was both excited that I was enjoying Wasmund's whisky in a public setting, but at such a fantastic production such as Outstanding in the Field, I was thrilled to see the distilleries publicity with folks who may not be yet aware of the amazing product and put to such great use as a pre dinner cocktail!  Fabulous!

Picture taken in the back lawn of Ayrshire Farms, Upperville Virginia

I bottled a single malt spirit produced by Wasmund's whiskey on Febuary 25th 2010 and bottled it on September 24th 2010 in hopes to deliver a blog about it 7 months later.  After a second bottling I have discovered that 5 months leads to two things, one a very dark and very woody whisky and two, the barrel takes in or leaks a LOT of this spirit.  It will take time to fully perfect the perfect whisky but I am very close with this last batch.  Splitting the barrel into two bottles, I have a straight bottle of the spirit which is dark amber in color, strong and filled with notes of cooked apples, dark cherries, smokey malts, mint, oatmeal, soil and tobacco.  The second bottle I finished with an aged port and cut with some water.  The whisky morphs tremendously.  It softens the blow of the ethanol entirely and leaves the whisky a very dalk malted caramel color.  Sweet, spicy with notes of bannanna, coffee, berries, malt, red apples, vanilla, caramel and soot.  I will more than likely age it for less time in this smaller barrel as it ages much more rapidly due to it's size, but enjoy both whisky's and can't wait to share with those who supported the experiment from the beginning.  Come over to my place, The Next Rounds on Me!


(P.S. for the holiday season, next up, expect a play on Drambui!)

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