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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giving Thanks in the New Year

(Thank you for enjoying my Poinsettias!!!)
I do realize that February has already taken helm and is completely under way.  The new year has always been absolutely insane in the business, especially at my devoted Food Matters with the home made egg nog keeping me busy under a weekly business, all the parties and not to mention the crazy new years dinners and parties plus the brunch the following day after!  These are the times though that are at their very best in this business.  The comradery, the food, the cocktails and the celebration come alive with a balistic energy of community that is unmatched in any place I've ever experienced growing up.  I wanted to showcase a thank you to those who have supported my cocktails during this illustrious winter season.  So to you all I say thanks!

Thank you for enjoying our Mimosa's!!!

Thank you for buying various versions of my Martini!

To all those who enjoyed my various versions of my Cherry Infused Maker's Mark Bourbon cocktails  (and those who appreciate the Calvados as much as I do!)

For enjoying my Cranberry Spiced Martinis

And those who enjoyed my Gin and organic grapefruit based "Resolution" cocktail spiked with a homemade rosemary muddled kosher salt and black peppercorn syrup!!!

Thank you to my family for enjoying my Hot Spiced Ciders, Candy Cane Martinis and Egg Nog this holiday Season!!!

As for THE NEXT ROUND, as you all know, it's ON ME!!!!!

(Cocktail in hand to be described further in next post!!!)


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