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Monday, January 11, 2010

Maredsous "10" Triple Ale

In response to my followers who are aware that I have the inability to write following that old saying "Less is more" I have decided to create a new feature for The Next Rounds on Me.  I call it "In a Shot"

And so, In a Shot:

10% ABV Bottle-refermented Belgium, Abbey Triple starts with quick, lacy head, hazy ale color, typical nose, full wintery body and dry orange, nutmeg, lime finish with a kick that will get you drunk.  Try it at least once for at least that reason.  Cheers!

So back at it with a new international brew to taste, I have come across the Maredsous, brought to us by the Duvel Moortgat brewing company located in Puurs, Belgium.  The beer is named after the Benedictine monastery, Abbaye de Maredsous and is brewed in their tradition under their supervision.  A trappist style ale described on the back label as a golden-bodied Belgian Triple with festive 'sparkle' with a creamy body and luscious head.  The ale has been bottle-refermented and gets aged for two months.
Did you know that Duvel means "Devil" in Brabantian, a dialect group of the Dutch language?

Suggested to be served between 42 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit so I only pulled this one out of the fridge for about 20 minutes before uncorking the bottle.  Upon pouring the elixer into my trusty goblet vessel (Will invest in Trappist and Abbey beer glasses some day to get the full affect) the head is, well, luscious.  Off white in color and very foamy, the brew itself comes out a hazy brown sugar in color.  The lace from the head sticks to the glass the whole way down.  The effervescence in this particular beverage appears to rise very slow and deliberate in large bubbles, making the head dissipate and come to an end very quickly (In mere minutes, rather surprising for a Trappist style-Belgium beer). 

Given the name 10 in Belgium for it's 10% alcohol level (In the US it states that it is a Tripel/Triple), the "sparkle" isn't in it's finish or in it's nose.  The finish is incredibly smooth for the amount of kick in this ale and the nose is run of the mill to it's pedigree.  Malts & yeast with candied fruits deliver on the airy introduction which wrap up with hoppy dryness and wheaty citrus/spice components (Primarily orange juice and store bought nutmeg) finally finishing with a tart, almost limey acid.  The need to dwell and think on it however, leads to the conclusion that we have a beer with all of the right components just shy of the other fantastic Abbey/Trappist style beers out there.

The affect however, is HUGE and you wouldn't know you were drinking a 10% abv brew from front to back and that alone is a reason to come back to it.  By the time you finish it (I've been at it since 11:15 and at 12:30 I'm only half way down and already wishing I had a doggy bag) you will be steady on your way to bed.

It's definitely a cold night's beer.  One with candy, fruits, spice and great unforgettable (we'll debate in the morning) kick.  The unmemorable nose and almost too smooth dried jar nutmeg finish sort of leaves me wishing I was drinking something different though.  Something, dare I say it, better.

No debating it's a good drink, would just rather have something else In My Humble Opinion (In the event that any of you play some 90's Trivial Pursuit soon, the answer for IMHO is In My HUMBLE Opinion).

I'm still bitter about that one.....


(By the way, devil, or should I say, Duvel have a fantastic website filled with all sorts of fun information, you really should check it out IMHO!

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