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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Low Budget High Times: Watch weight and still have a great time!

Some times you need a good time on low maintanence.

Dietary awareness - Diet and still get down.  Here's the "Skinny"

The low everything diet rum and coke is the perfect Skinny

1 oz Bacardi Superior with 6 oz diet cola with a squeeze of fresh lime = 66 Calories per drink

It's actually quite tasty!  While dieting only order these and you will be STRAIGHT!

When making Margaritas use only silver tequila, fresh lime juice and a splash of Grand Marnier and you will have what is called a "Sknny Bitch" - They are less fat, saturated fat, sugar and calories than a normal margarita specifically due to the knowledge of what you put in it.

Another fun one is a Sparkling Creme Cicle

Just do an ounce of Vodka to a splash of Tuaca and add one dash of Fanta Orange Soda and top with Sprite Zero - It is so delicious and yet very easy to drink with only a little sugar and almost no carbs - It's a great summer drink - Top off with an orange slice and a slice of lime - Lime gives an almost perfect acidity to an almost weightless beverage.  A trick for at home!

Treat for summer.  I KNOW!  TOO LATE!!!!  ENJOY IT!

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