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Monday, November 23, 2009

Brewery Ommegang: Three Philosopher's

After tasting the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA and already being a fan of the complex Chimay line, I decided to explore the Trappist and Belgian-Style a little further while keeping every thing domestic.  I came across the Brewery Ommegang Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend.  At a cheaper price point, higher alcohol content and 'Quadrupel' label, I can't say I wasn't slightly curious about it.  This Cooperstown, New York brewed tipple offers 98% strong dark Belgian style Ale with 2% Lindeman's Kriek, an authentic Cherry Lambic from Belgium.

Once the bottle roughly reached the fifty degrees farenheit temperature recommendation printed on the label I uncorked the sparkling wine like top and poured the brew into a thick and heavy Cognac snifter.

A very deliberate and smooth pouring beverage with an intensely dark brown (almost black) colored beverage with a tan, thick, frothy head, the immediate response before even coming near the glass is the intense exploding cherry cordial smell that fills the room.  The aroma of cherry cordials continues subtly on the palate while chocolate, malt, raisin and caramel show more presence in the finish.

Slightly sticky, off dry with a swift and steady tiny beaded effervescent that renews the head through out the course of drinking.  I found this one much lighter in mouth feel and body than other ales of it's caliber so be leery of it's 9.8 % ALC./VOL.

It lightens in color as the drink opens and even after a 40 minutes time with the bottle emptied into the snifter the beads are still going and the head is still frothy.

Three Philosophers is a part of the Duvel line up, a true Belgian brewery and it is evident as the drink is consumed that it is thoughtfully crafted and I would recommend it either as a complete dessert substitute, a beer to be shared with 2 (even 3 would still get the full experience of this drink), accompanied with a cheese that has huge personality, a dark chocolate or along side a cigar with nutty, coffee or woodsy notes.

Recommended and appreciated in my book!

Click here to visit Ommegang Brewery's website and see there other staples and what they're producing seasonally!

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