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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Have Been Generous....But I am Thirsty, Where is my Next Round!!!!

To my fans, my patrons, my loyal and everyone else who simply supported me on the smallest and largest scale, I have so many nights glanced at my computer with hopes that I could spare enough brain matter to at the very least express the amount of change I've encountered since leaving my stage behind bar and in front of house at Food Matters.  

I will tell you this, it was a long process, a trying adventure and a few side gigs.  I thank Wish Craft, family, William Grant & Sons, Catoctin Creek and Lydia Allison from Houlihan's for generating enough business for me while stepping into the realm of wine sales.  I thank Montesquieu for their opportunities they presented to me and I highly recommend going to their website and ordering some wine through one of their reps at least once, because it's true, in a day's time I tried easily some of the best wines I ever had in my life with them.

I know work for Service Distributing Inc, one of the largest wine wholesalers in the NOVA area.  The company is a flagship pirate that boasts the big names and strategically I am in Alexandria!  The beauty is I now get to Food Mattters..........Everywhere!  It is a huge opportunity for me to move in this direction, as it is a challenge due to the particular criteria that is expected by those who run quality restaurants in the area.  I was raised by the Przystawik's regarding food and drink and continue that passion.  As a money maker and a business opportunity, I make it a point and pride to showcase quality product in locations such as MOMS Organic Market, The Winery Inc, Light Horse and Landini Brothers.  The same goal I seek to reach higher relationships with those who reside in the UnWined shops, Rick's/Sherwood/Fern St Gourmets and the mom and pop locations like Vaso's, Sapore and Pemas.  The products are known, well  known, but they acquire new wineries and vineyards every week, many of which practice eco-smart sustainability, are organic or were started out by a husband and wife combo like Catoctin Creek Distilleries (Or in my company, Whitehaven) and no matter how big some of these names get, there are many that started right here or nearby us and I'll sniff them all out very quickly, that I promise.  This company itself is family owned, has been for generations.  The owner and original salesman himself, Larry Buckner, invited my wife and I to his farm within the first week of working for him.  It's been down to Earth ever since.

I know it's been a long time.  I have a blueberry cocktail I held on to from Food Matters I plan to reveal some time, hopefully in season (Thus possibly, look for it next season!) as well as present possible cocktails of the month, if not, at the minimum, a review or description of something going on in the industry and hope that with patience, we all can enjoy a great drink together soon.  Thanks for my supporters whom many I have met along my current route, Jen/Wolf for the fun at Walker's Grill, Carla for continued support at Aditi's, Aparicio's for still hitting me up on the real, East Moon for the Chinese, Jeff at Fern for all the drinks, Brian at Bugsy's for the pizza, Daniel at El Paso /  Alfredo at Los Tios for the awesome Mexican food, Michael from Finn & Porter for the good Sushi, Johnny and Leah for the great apps and drink at Vaso's and those with the opportunities presented to me especially Steven's TJ Stones/Ramparts/Shooters for being so open as well as Ill Porto for the seminars, Jilson at Hilton ALX for theirs and the country clubs who have given me the opportunity to still pour and sell to the masses!  I should've started by thanking God and my Family - Thanks to all of you, see you for the next one!  (When did I suddenly win a gold globe award and start sharing my thank you speach????? HA!)

Love you all,

I promise I got a few more reviews, interviews and tastings up my sleeve!


Johnny Cocktail/Ambassador/Wine Rep


  1. Great update! Maybe you can start lobbying the City of Alexandria to allow tastings at farmers markets - would LOVE to have you come to the West End Farmers Market. Seriously!!

  2. Nicole, I like your style and your passion. I love the idea of doing a small wine tasting while picking up freshly baked breads and flowers before gathering my weekly produce leaving slightly enhanced and ready for a really fun day. Oh yeah, I'm there man! Alexandria however, is sadly not our enemy with these laws, it is good old Richmond we're going to have to talk to. We'll need to obtain a pouring permit that allows open bottles in public and delivered by company rather than provided by the retail or restaurant. ABC and all there licences. Jeez!


    John R. Shope

  3. Sounds wonderful john! Glad to hear you're doing so well, Roland and I miss you tremendously! The wines sound fascinating, too bad you couldn't doing in-home tasting parties!!