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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Midleton Very Rare 2007

In a Shot:  In connection with an anonymous spirits provider, I have been given an opportunity to taste the soft, smooth, preserved fruit predominant 2007 vintage of Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey.

It's late here folks, so let's get right down to business.  Beautifully light in color.  Honey comb or pale copper at best.  The smell is what gets me more than anything.  The whole thing smells of preserves.  A combination of peach, apricot and strawberry  surround the nostrils before even letting ethanol come into play.

A seductress, beautiful to the eye and sweet to the senses.  I'd have her for breakfast at sunrise!  Light notes of nutty caramel, honey and cereal is there with a machine oil undertone with the faintest hint of oak.  You know you are dealing with something special here once it enters your mouth.  Dense and heavy  it feels like it sinks to the bottom of your vocal cords before entering your warming stomach only to leave with the utmost of docile finishes.  Truly soft and almost short but commanding in it's own way.  Yet going back to it, it feels light on the taste buds, regardless of its gravity.  After almost an hour of breathing there are spikes of acid, hints of chocolate, mushroom and also Graham cracker notes that were not previously present.

The big show stopper is that fruity nose though, it really smells like a Virginia summer happening in an Irish barley field!  I can only imagine what each vintage presents and can only get excited about the next one.

Some people will ask if the price tag is worth it.  Here's what I say:  In this bottle you will get at least four of your daily fruits plus one of your drams along the way without a burn to give any notice.  Decide for yourself if there is a price on that and avoid giving a single malt with a permanent age marker based on bias, this only starts at five years but they keep putting older stuff into this mix each year, so it only gets more complex and it will only get better.


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