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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peaches N Tea

Coming up with this months cocktail was more of an adventure than it truly was a rhyme or reason.  We tried different variations of cocktails utilizing everything from cilantro, basil, watermelon, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, Cachacha's, Pisco's, Tequila's, Gin's and the like.  What came out of left field was an inspiration of a drink we've been making with the staff during this summer, an iced Thai inspired tea using condensed milk.  One of my most popular cocktails last year was a play on peaches and cream, a very direct but insanely time consuming and messy to make drink simply called "The Peach Martini".  Since peaches are still the big hit this time of the year I went with the Thai theme, removing the condensed milk and replacing it with a peach nectar.  Common Thai and Indian teas are traditionally spiced with Cardamom (spice found in the ginger family) which adds depth, dryness and an obvious subtle spice.  So I'm pan roasting my own and blending it with a sun brewed orange and vanilla scented tea.  The spike comes from a Jamaican dark rum, rich, buttery and full of thick molasses flavors.  Adding a touch of acid, the resulting product is a rich, sweet and spicy refresher served over ice, a fantastic play on two very different drinks and when made properly, proven to be a very receptive cocktail.

Know what I mean?  Peaches N Tea!


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