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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My o' my how me Time Flies!

In a Shot:  I'm back and thank you for drinking all those Irish Malts last month but get ready for April Rain and a Gin and Tonic patio makeover!

It is absolutely insane just how quickly this year is flying by.  Perhaps it's due to all the crazy personal life things that are happening to me right now.  Who knows?  But one thing I do know, is I have not been very good to you and I really want to take more time out to keep you guys updated with what's all been happening.  First off,
The Irish Malt was very well received with owners, staff members and guests alike all describing the drink as "very dangerous".  As two shots of anything that goes down that easy is hard to escape.  The combination of Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream Liqueur, vanilla bean ice cream, heavy cream, half & half perked with espresso and malted milk powder may sound like over excessive behavior, but hey, tis the season o' the Irish.  And drink hard we did!

We now need to slow down though and watch the changes come with the season.  April, in Virginia, means serious changes are coming.  People are starting to put the heavy and hot down and pick up the cool and light in every aspect from wardrobe, to food and of course, to drink.  There is nothing wrong with going simple during a time when the scenery and the changes all around us are worth stopping and slowing down to witness.  The patio is coming!  With the patio comes more white wines, rose's, champagnes and that tried and true patio cocktail, gin and tonics!

What I will be doing is simple, evoking the perfumes and crispness in the air and combining it with the herbal and medicinal flavors of juniper and quinine.  Nothing fancy, just a small interpretation of a wonderful classic.  The spring and summer drink of my personal choice, I ask that the next time you are sitting outside and a waiter stops by and requests your drink order, I encourage that you look up at that person with a smile on your face and say, "Spring is here my friend, would you please pass me a refreshing G&T!"

See you outside!


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