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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Spirit's Dossier


My name is John R. Shope. I grew up in suburban north Virginia, right outside DC and lived here my entire life. It was here that I saw friends come and go, yet I always remained. It was here where I met my wife, Mary, who lived all over the west as well as a strong scattering over Virginia and New York who took me in a car one day and drove me all over the country and showed me the idea of a world larger than anything I've ever known.

We met in the service industry, a chain restaurant attached to a chain hotel located in an average shopping center that you'd find in a regular neighborhood outside of a major city. I started a server as she did and we both worked up to management and eventually moved on to other locations until we ended up where we are today. It is at this restaurant that I have become a head bartender and a privilaged cocktail mixologist. A position where I have my very own ideas implemented on paper, priced and sold to customers. My drinks made by me or my other fellow staff members. It's a passion I've had since I was introduced to the concept of cocktail making. It is this passion that has led me to the proposal of creating a blog on drinks, drinking and other things related to spirits.

What I hope to gain from these posts is a sort of 'dossier' on ideas for cocktails as I create them, unleash upon the world my own personal opinions on the topic of drinks and hopefully steer at least one person out of the mainstream idea of what drinks are and bring them back to the concept of self observation and good old fashioned branching out.

I'm not here to make you say "Zuchini baked pasta martinis are the wave of the future!" absolutely not - But I am going to give you a chance not to write the abstract off with such a sharp stroke of the tongue.

I am a lover of spirits, wine and beer for different occasions and for different reasons.

I think there is a place for each known spirit and a way to capitalize on each one's functionality in drinking, mixing and pairing with food or food being paired with them.

So to anyone who gives me a chance and a listen, read on and hopefully you too may take a chance on things you'd perhaps never give an opportunity to dive into.

Write it down, remember it, find it and share it with everyone you love!


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